Friday, November 26, 2010

If you want to have a very tone and firm muscles or abs, you need to work it out properly so that you can see the outcome of your hardship. Also, you need to be having a proper diet if you really want to have a perfect body and muscles. So what you need to do? Some people achieve their muscles and abs thru natural bodybuilding, while the others who don’t want to undergo long-term of workouts, they used steroids.

Now the question is what is the best way to build your muscle? They say that natural bodybuilding is an extensively better way than using steroids. Remember that steroids have several component affects that activate more pain than good.

Moreover, steroids uneasy side effects may also affect your liver and kidney. Another side effect of using steroids in women is enormous clitoris; deepening of the voice and facial hair and the side effects in men are may be disturbing because steroids may cause them breast cancer.

That is why it is still best to go for bodybuilding to have muscles and abs in natural ways. It will lead you big masculine group of muscles, together with strength and health. Pure bodybuilding will provide you shaped muscular tissues, without side effects.

The figure was not made to place artificial chemical substances into, to boost your muscles. Natural weight loss, herbs and train and program are all naturally made for your body. Building your figure in a natural way will present itself and the benefits are really great. Natural bodybuilding is very safe choice to build your muscles.

On the other hand, using steroids have been identified to cause unexpected burst of anger, depression and even suicide. Always bear in mind that the reason of building up your body is to be much stronger and healthy and not the other way around. When you took steroids, you will destroy of your objectives in building your muscles into a healthy state.

Health experts and medical professionals advise each person to eat healthy foods, drink more water and get a lot of exercise.


  1. for me as a female rather pick natural muscles...

  2. Always consult your doctor before evaluating steroids.

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