Wednesday, February 23, 2011

 The muscles that are located in the lower and upper back are in fact parts of your core muscle group. It is physically the most vital group of muscle for power training. The muscles at your back are extremely interlocked with numerous of other muscles in your body. It lets you to move your shoulders and arms and stand straight.

That is why it is vital that you develop a solid practice to develop your muscles on your lower and upper back. Back exercise is a good way to develop your muscles in these parts of your body. Pull Downs and Rows are the best exercises that you can use to build your muscles at your back.

Pull Downs focus more on your lats more than Rows do. This is the best exercise for your lat or latissimus dorsi. The main movement of lat Pull Downs is the adduction of your shoulder. This is the movement of taking your elbows down to your side if you had them out to the side. The exercises of shoulder adduction are commonly called Pull Downs simply because they are generally consist of a mechanism in which you drag down a handle that is attached to a wire with a weight load at the end.

On the other hand, Rows derived its name from rowing a boat. Backward or adduction motion towards your middle body is what this back exercise targets. This is also means that rowing exercises highlight the middle rhomboids and trapeziums over the lats. There are also several various means to do this kind of back exercise.  You can use various kinds of resistance, various positions of your body and various kinds of grips. It is usually done to target your muscles in the upper and middle back.

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