Thursday, February 10, 2011

You can actually do some workouts to have a tone and firm abs at your home. There are several kinds of simple exercise that you can do it with your own without using any equipment. One of the best and effective exercises to strengthen your abs is through crunches. It is an exercise that you will bring your body right onward and bending upwards to turn into tight V-shape. This exercise has also several variations, such as full crunch, ball crunch and reverse crunch.

Full Crunch
This method is good enough to do it on your own. You will only need to stretch out your legs and put your hands at the back of your heads. As you draw yourself up with your hands, push outwards with your legs. If you do it correctly, this variation will benefit both of your lower and upper body.

Ball Crunch
This is the most known exercise when it comes to crunches. You need to lie down into an exercise ball and do a crunch very slow, without moving the ball. This lets you to maintain a good speed of crunch, as well as supporting your back as you do this exercise.

Reverse Crunch
This variation of crunch is commonly known as V-up. You need to lie down on the floor and put your legs in the air. Instead of twisting up towards your legs, you need to curve your legs back towards you. This has a similar effect, but it is less tiring, as you are lifting less weight.


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