Sunday, November 28, 2010

The negative side effects of steroids are most common in the world of sports and body building. People responds in a different way to anabolic steroids and thus can end up with numerous of the various side effects of steroids that are not good to your health.

It is long been identified that nonstop use of steroids in the world of body building is robustly associated negative side effects of the supplements. Many of these bad effects of the steroids are not expected on the basis of dosage or incidence with which they are consumed.

Most of the people who build their muscles are not knowledgeable on the use of this supplement because of lawful propositions of course, so this potential harmful supplement is taken without any regulation from a qualified and experienced physicians.

Steroids may mistakenly boost the insight of potency and cause you in leisure body building to attempt and lift heavier weights than physically probable. One of the possible negative effects of steroids in the body is the probability to torn muscles and broke tendons, more particularly tears of your deltoids and biceps, because the strength of your muscles boosts more quickly than the tendons’ strength.

Also, destruction of immune system is associated with the bad effects of steroids in your body. The most severe side effects of steroids are the potentially the transmission of AIDS and hepatitis B from sharing needles or even simply the drug itself.

Side effects also linked to nervous systems, reproductive systems, hormonal, cardiovascular and liver. Steroids can also limit your body height. Furthermore, heart attacks, blood clots in your lungs and strokes have also been listed as direct negative effects of steroids. It also decreased sperm count. Enlargement problems of breast tissue are also common negative side effects of this supplement.


  1. Steroid can really be a good help if not abused.

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  2. Way to cite any sort of research/evidence. Not to mention the grammar mistakes throughout. Next time hire a new writer because nobody is going to take this seriously with the lack of evidence and the unprofessional writing

    1. Thanks Ernest Hemmingway. Steroid = Douchebag

    2. Thanks Ernest Hemmingway. Steroid = Douchebag

  3. Some people want shortcuts to reach fitness and peak physical condition. When results aren't coming quickly, steroids can be a tempting option. Before you even think about using steroids to build muscle, consider the dangers and long term effects.

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