Friday, September 24, 2010

Most of the people today especially men are looking for reliable source on how they can build their muscles fast. Some look for muscle magazines that are available in the market. On the other hand, some take some medicines that were commercially advertised in TVs, Internet, Newspapers and Radios. However, some of these ways are not applicable for you so you need to look for ways that can really help you build muscles.

The Do’s of Building Muscles
  • Gym is the most common place people go when they want to tone their body and to build muscles. You need to select a recognized, approved and proven course of body building.
  • You need to set specific objectives before engaging yourself in building body muscles. For instance, you may say that you want to gain 45 pounds muscles in six months. With this kind of goal you can always remind you that this is the reason why you need to undergo body building course.
  • In building muscles, diet is the most important factor you need to consider first. You need to eat enough calories per day because if you don’t you will not gain your desire weight no matter how hard you do the trainings.
  • Aside from enough calories per day, you also need to eat the appropriate food every day.
  • As you eat the proper food and enough calories, you also need to eat on time no matter how hectic your schedule is. This way, it can maximize the development of your muscles.
  • Prepare a diet plan for your every day meals. This can be a great help for you.
  • Building muscles is not all about the right food you eat but also the time of your sleep. You must need to have enough rest because the levels of growth hormone increases 30 to 45 minutes after falling asleep, and a superior quality of sleep frees testosterone. The advisable hours of sleeping are eight to nine hours a day. Also, bear in mind that when you rest that is the time where your muscles grow.
  • Remember that you always need to train above your threshold. You need to train your muscles to do much harder loads than usual to keep them from growing.
  • Of course, you are doing this to build your muscles in a fastest way that is why it is recommended that you need to work out your weakest link. Weak areas of your body parts need to be work out well for a tone and firm outcome of your muscles.
  • Lastly, building muscles are all about discipline. Moreover, body building is not only about eating right, exercising and resting. If your lifestyle is not balance at all and if you are not enjoying all the aspects of your life, you will probably lose interest for what you set on your objectives.

The Don’ts of Building Muscles
  • Remember that not all muscle magazines are very helpful. These kinds of magazines are mostly intended for professional and experienced body builder.
  • Do not do over train. You must need to stick to the routine or course your coach advises. Do not force yourself too much.
  • Do not also try to do extreme routines that you see with other people who do workouts for they already thru with what you are doing right now. Patience is a virtue so you need to finish first the beginning of your training.
  • Remember, do not do what everybody said you must do. Most of the beginners they start with something like three sets of ten, three sets of 12 or three sets of eight. Again, for those you only started his training do only three sets of whatever exercise you prefer.


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