Monday, February 14, 2011

Building muscles have also some myths that are also believe by others. Some may hold true but most of these myths are only false theories. When you are working out to have a very tone muscles and you heard a lot of myths on building muscles, it can affect your performance because you become unfocused due to being conscious thinking about those myths.

Here are some myths that are not really true and must not be followed as you build your muscles.

They say that excessive sweating during workouts is not healthy. This is actually a real myth. When you experience sweating as you working out your body only means that your body is quickly eliminating the heat and thus, getting rid of excess fats and calories too.

Did you know the saying “No pain, no gain”? This may be true in some circumstances but not in building in your muscles. You do need to experience suffering to achieve a very tone and firm muscles. The truth is, when you workout and it hurts you, there may be something wrong with the methods that you are using. The pain is only applicable for all the beginners, but if you are doing this for a long time and you still experiencing the pain, this only means that you are forcing your body too much.

Exercise can do a lot better to the quality of your health but it does not mean that it can treat all kinds of diseases. As a matter of fact, before starting any method or training, you need to consult your doctor first to find out if you are suitable to do the exercises and workouts. Keep in mind that exercises can help you to prevent the risk of developing joint disease, diabetes, heart attack and other ailments but it cannot cure all the diseases.

Lastly, they say that if you stop from working out, your muscles will turn into fats. This is absolutely not true. Muscles and fats are two different substances. The truth behind this myth is that when you stop working out your body, you muscles will not turn into fats but it will get smaller, while you keep on eating the same amount of foods as when you are working out regularly.


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